Precipitation possibilities

Since nine this morning, we’ve cycled through such a variety of weather forms that I begin to feel as though I’m in a weather camp:  rain, brilliant sunshine (both between and during precipitation moments), snow like down, snow like styrofoam pellets, drizzle, sleet, strong bursts of wind. So far no frogs or locusts.

We walked to Brussels (the restaurant, not the city), a pedestrian trip of about 15 minutes and passed through four or five versions of precipitation.  On the way back, we hit a couple different ones.

It’s a bit like bread in Berkeley–so many possibilities, so obviously related and yet distinct. Sadly it’s not raining Acme, Grace, Semifreddi, Cheese Board or Metropolis here.  But you’d think that a sky can do styrofoam could do olive loaf.


One Response to “Precipitation possibilities”

  1. yvette Says:

    Are you missing the bread here? We’d send you some, but you know after two days, you can use it as a hammer.

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