Diluvian prediction

The public ramp up for the weekend weather prediction is now in full swing.  The latest seems to be tidings of rain, whether or not Bill blows ashore.  100 mms of rain!  Since 20 mms is “a lot” 100 is 5 times a lot (and translates to about four inches, which would, if snow, be four feet).

I wonder how the hole at my doorstep will take on this bath effect.  Will shovels float?  Will there be a rocky mudslide? What of the various electrical cords that now seem to litter its interior at the itnersecition of South and South Park?

And what about the fact that the intersection is now blocked at more angles than jsut where the streets cross?  En route home on Thursday, I cam acropper of a new bit of chain link fence traveling west on South Street, so that one now has to walk up South and around in order to gain access to ye olde homestead.

Yes, it begins to seem a bit homesteady:  the line to a water source around the corner, the increasing mounds of crushed gravel that seem to indicate “new routing of public works services,” the dust….

Haven’t yet seen a plague of frogs but after Sunday’s rainfall, that could be in the offing.


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