Holiday prep

This afternoon I was part of a small group that hied to a truly hilarious pantomime in a small playhosue on the Northwest Arm. “Jack and the Beans Talk” was written by a pair of clever souls with just the right balance among panto, G&S musical silliness, and fractured fairy tale. Since I cannot hope to replicate the singing cow (hoofer) with tassles on her udders, the Chicano beans who did interpretive dance, or the Mrs. Sprat-in-drag, suffice it to say that silliness ruled and the lyrics to “Climb Every Beanstalk” were spot on.

Christmas preparations seem to be a full time occupation in these parts, but I rejoiced this morning to learn that the 24/7 convenience store chain (here called simply Needs) will be open during the three-day block of time when I feared I would not be able to buy any extras for my visiting family. So, there will be emergency supplies, like bean dip, packaged cookies, and jerky, at the ready (and only three blocks off) if the larder runs bare after Monday night….


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