To Halifax and Gone

This blog was begun as a way of letting folks back in Berkeley know how my move to Nova Scotia was unfolding. Eventually, it will also discuss the acquisition of my first driver’s license.


2 Responses to “To Halifax and Gone”

  1. Barbara Jeffus Says:

    Hey there! I gave myself an hour to tidy up the cubicle, including e-mail, and what did I find but your e-mail and blog address thanks to Dana Cobern-Kullman. Don’t know how I know her but you were our connecting point. In defiance of CDE IT filters and rules, I spent the rest of the hour totally immersed in your stories. I started at Oct. ’07 and then had to force myself to stop reading. I’m loving it and the more I read, the more I miss having you in California. Hope you don’t mind that I sent your link to Martha and if okay, I’ll send to Linda Jewett, too. She and Tony are successfully and happily transplanted to Corvallis. I will continue from home. Thanks so much for your posts! Barbara 🙂

    • halifaxing Says:

      Hi Barbara! That is wonderful news! I do miss you (and my good buddy Dana, too). You are more than welcome to spread the address. And, cold comfort though it may be, school libraries here are in absolutely no better shape than in California. We need you to come visit!

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