The far side*

*with apologies to Gary Larson…..

This blog’s focus has become fuzzy for a reason.  After two years, three months and 10 days it’s time to note that my time in Halifax is drawing to a a close.  I’ll be back to visit, to walk a dog, to dine downtown, to walk across the Old Bridge.  But for now I must be going. I have another week on the job, another 10 days after that to pack.  And then it’s on to the next place, which in this case turns out to be the place from which I came to here.

I’ve enjoyed the weather, the seafood, the sunrises and the ferry rides each workday morning.  The road construction and some other stuff not quite so much.  I haven’t been a fair reporter but I have been one dedicated to sahring what seems to be interesting and evocative. Any errors, of course, have been my own.

I promised to keep up this blog until I learned to drive sufficiently to earn a license.  Which never happened–or hasn’t yet. A promise broken but not the reader’s heart, I’m guessing.

So, I’m off to the far side, where no one notices if my hair is purple or the lipstick’s missing.  I’m glad I had these two and almost-a-half years, but glad, too, to wind up and move on.

I went to Halifax…and then I was gone.


9 Responses to “The far side*”

  1. flotsam Says:

    And the dog will be waiting patiently for her walks with you…

  2. Mary Burkey Says:

    And the resolution to the journey quest was hidden in the blog title all along…

    Happy trails to you

  3. jackie Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your next adventure!

  4. halifaxing Says:

    I’ve begun a new, visual blog at

  5. Marg Says:

    Back to Berkeley? Well, perhaps we will finally meet in person. I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog.

  6. Sarah Says:

    a new visual blog? hooray! I’ll be sure to check it out. Best wishes on your new adventure.

  7. Jackie Says:

    I will be so happy to have you back where you should be.

  8. Ted Says:

    I will miss your observations and your blog. Halifax needs more people “from away.” Best wishes.

  9. Sandy Says:

    Looking forward to having you back in California!

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