Walk out to winter*

(*with apologies to Aztec Camera for title rip-off)

Unlike last year, this winter is unfolding delicately.  The cold is deepening and the snow doesn’t melt away before more blows atop what’s fallen. but none of it is much: the streets and sidewalks are negotiable without much thought and the ‘dozers are able to keep ahead of the curve.

Folks who are careful have blanketed their most needy garden plants with evergreen boughs. Birdfeeders in the park are filled with fresh seed by 9 am, regardless of weekday.

As noted, the Public Garden is locked up tight but in just a few days I’ll be in Boston, where the Public Garden is open year ’round (and where, about five or six years ago, I had a grand middle-of-the-night snowball fight with the son).  What Halifax has, that Boston doesn’t, in winter, is a huge eastern sky. The Boston sky is eastern, of course, but there is something about it that lies lower than the mountain of clouds rise here.

Both cities, however, sport architectural eras that hold snow prettily onto their rooflines and across their windowsills.  These are houses meant to be seen, by passersby, walking along in January.

Ironic, how the city in the culture that prizes “we” above “me” offers up private houses more readily than public spaces, while the original “me” city maintains its public space for all, all year round.


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