Blogged dogs and pink threads

This week I was lucky to cross paths with a couple of folks who aren’t just happy to record and post how they see slivers of the worls, but also do a fine and insight-provoking job of it.  One was the fellow we met dog walking at Point Pleasant this morning; he keeps this blog of dog walking at Point Pleasant.

Another is the photo-a-day blog that YALSA Past President Sarah Debraski initiated on New Year’s Day.  My favourite image to date on her The Fairview is a spinning bobbin filling with pink thread.

And then there is the Oddly Specific, a website deciated to sharing signs that are….well, too specific to be completely useful, if your idea of useful signs are those that work without causing you to stop everything and fall down laughing.


2 Responses to “Blogged dogs and pink threads”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Why thank you!
    And I love all those gorgeous dog photos.

  2. trentboswick Says:

    Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed the site and I hope enjoyed meeting me and Dex at PPP.

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