Happy new year–really

We’ve got snow.  We’ve got slush. We don’t have working traffic lights or passable-on-foot intersections (unless you’ve brought along your hip waders and/or a ladder). But that’s okay: it’s winter in Halifax. It’s the tradeoff for lilacs in late May and red leaves in October.  One of my favourite things about this place is the cycle of “real” seasons, none of them outstaying its welcome and each one a surprise every year, catching up just when I’ve almost forgotten how extreme and specific it can be.

So, wherever you are, go outside, take a deep breath (as long as the hills aren’t burning) and happy new year.


One Response to “Happy new year–really”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    While I envy you the lilacs (color me very deep green), I do not envy you the current weather! I’ve been watching your weather forecasts and reports all weekend. Wrap up tight!
    Happy New Year; hope to see you more. Jan

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