Civic opera

After 35 years of observing Berkeley politics, and before that (in the late 1960’s), those of Los Angeles, Bob has become a civic trend spotter.  To ring in the new year, he made his pronouncement of the local big three:

1. The condition of the water in the harbour

2. The winter parking ban, and

3. The open season‘s brevity at the Public Garden

He freely admits that the last named item concerns far fewer members of the government and of the populace as well.  The first one, on the other hand, he believes will remain unresolved in the lifetime of anyone he knows, while the radical suggestion made by  freshman classmate to cure Los Angeles’ smog in 1968, by banning driving itself within LA,  he thinks, might have some merit for resolving the second. (He’s saying that with tongue in cheek, methinks).

Now, having resided near rivers that were flammable, I’m not so sure that the harbour water is in an irreversible state:  at least what fouls it is organic (for the most part). And my sympathies for drivers who want to park are tempered by my desire as a pedestrian to see oncoming traffic rather than bulldozed snowdrifts at the carless intersection corners. But the Public Garden–now there’s a fight I’ve been spoiling to yell about since the moment the gates slammed shut two weeks after I moved here, which happened to be the beginning of November.


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