And then there’s the live lobster problem…

Flight security risks and reassessments have been a huge part of North American news this week.  One element that hasn’t risen on the national or international radar is how folks who normally fly out of Halifax armed with a live lobster are supposed to travel now.  Really.  There’s a ton of info published on how long to leave for your clearance at the airport, how to long to leave if you are flying into the US from Canada, how much (how little) you can take on board, and so forth. But finding info up front about whether a live lobster counts as a second carryon (and obviously it can’t count as a small purse, a laptop or baby food) or crutches isn’t available.

Not that I travel with my own lobster.  But a lot of folks do from here.  And I had one meeting cut short this week because the other person was going to drive to the airport to find out. She didn’t.  Find out that it.  She did drive to the airport.

Happy new year.  may your lobster live long and prosper.


2 Responses to “And then there’s the live lobster problem…”

  1. carole Says:

    darn, i was going to ask the next person i know from halifax to bring me a couple 😉

  2. Marg Says:

    Came through Halifax the other day on the way to SFO and saw quite a few lobster boxes but none heading to USA. Don’t think that is possible at least for the next little while. We did enjoy some lobsters while down there.

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