Traffic x 3

Although the traffic signals at the itnersection closest to the house remain in full red blink, other traffic related stories have caught more of my attention:

CBC radio caught up with some kayakers who have taken to riding the surf created by the ferries plying the harbour between Halifax and Dartmouth and, predicatbly a day later, the lcoal paper offers a repeat of the story, in which the Metro Transit folks aren’t too happy.  The kayakers, however, have done a splendid job of video-ing the adventure and supplied it with a soundtrack that wreaks local as well (Joel Plaskett’s “Nowhere with You”).

And McNab’s Island, which I’ve loved to wonder about out there in the harbour, has got a restored trail, so adventuring there, come warm weather, can become a better orderred reality. (In my uninformed imagination, I’ve been tipping it up next to Peddocks Island, in Boston Harbor).

Before then, if all goes well, the traffic lights may be restored in my more immediate neighbourhood…or not.


One Response to “Traffic x 3”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Definitely going to get you to McNabs and to the Dingle Tower as well….

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