The pluses and perils of dressing Canadian

Across the past three winters I’ve accumulated a few bought-locally garments, mostly when more weight than my California closet offered has been necessary for, if not survival, comfort.  Recently, this has included some basic blue jeans from Old Navy–and I’ve discovered that the Canadian issues come with bilingual labels.  I don’t mean just the size (“G” vs “L”, for instance) but even the corporate tagline of “since 1994” (what a boast!) is mirrored on the waistband lining with “depuis  1994.”

More problematic could have been, had I not found it, the small metal tag on the back shirt tail of the Roots turtleneck.  Since my airport security luck runs thin to begin with, this could have shoved me even further up the blacklist. (The tag is sewn to the exterior, boasts “Roots”, of course, and isn’t nearly as cunning as the usual little beaver Roots slaps on everything).

Can’t find green Chuck Taylors here. But the styles of Josef Seibel slipons imported here are vastly superior to what shows up south of the border. There are, of course, no shortages of boots (rain as well as snow) on offer.  But silly socks come in relatively few options.

And I continue to be amazed at the enormous number of bridal wear shops.  Is it because Niagra Falls is located mostly in Canada?


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