Midwinter standstill

In this part of the world, everything grinds to a halt in late December:  Christmas Eve through Boxing Day, businesses shutter: no restaurants, bars, stores, libraries…even the ferry stands still tomorrow.  Walking home at midafternoon–my own workplace slammed shut at 1 pm–I was slightly puzzled to find the banks still open even though the bars weren’t.

A woman some eyar older than me just wanted info on how to circuvent that puzzle.  She walked up to me as I trotted along Dresden Row and asked if I knew the way to the liquor commission.  For a split second I thought she meant the actual bureaucratic headquarters, and then realized she was after what I would have called a liquor store (except when in Massachusetts when it becomes a package store and even there it stays open until 11 pm on Christmas Eve). I sent her in the correct direction on Clyde.

Because of the calendar this year, the town has rolled up its carpet through Monday.  It’s like being in  a freign country.  Oh wait, I am….or I am the foreigner in this country, more accurately. Anyway, feliz navidad.


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