No, it doesn’t seem like yesterday

Twenty-none weeks to the day the first barricades were erected and the excavators cut into South Park Street, the job seems to have reached a sufficient state of completion that, when I came home from work tonight, the fences were all gone and no big equipment is in evidence.

Yesterday (Sunday!), a crew striped the street, this one as well as South Street, at the intersection), creating a curious bulge in what seems to have originally been a straight bifurcation of the roadway into ongoing and oncoming traffic lanes. By the light of the streetlamps–all the light available at 6 pm in December–I can’t tell if that’s been overhauled.  The traffic signals haven’t been reset but this is Nova Scotia and drivers are politely cautious.

So, Dexter’s “Christmas present,” as the company has been holding out for the past several weeks, seems to be a reality.  Where did that single bale of straw go? I don’t know.  And the brand new, glow-in-the-dark sprayed orange markings between the cemetery and the VG’s parking lot–the kind of marks put down to show equipment operators where to cut a hole in the pavement–make me nervous….


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