Morning reading time

On and off again the past couple weeks, I’ve been eschewing my usual weekday morning stop at the Wired Monk for one at Uncommon Grounds.  I can be coffee-house fickle–especially if the counter folk become too intent on thinking that my order will be the same from day to day (it generally is, but that shouldn’t be relied upon).  Both of these places fill the bill for me really:  good coffee, kind baristas, comfortable seats and music that someone actually selects.

Today I went back to WM and was surprised by a new counter guy.  He was having a bit of a time of it–hadn’t quite found how to raise the blinds (I wasn’t the first customer but the place still looked shuttered ten minutes past opening) or name the muffins (there’s a tendency here to throw every edible thing into muffins, which is not always a good thing, but at WM it usually works out well enough).

The corner where I usually read in a stufed chair was dark and I asked around for the possibility of a lightswitch I couldn’t see.  He couldn’t either, so I adjusted my stuff and myself to the lightest corner of the pod.  And then he brought me light:  in the form of a well-light-studded tree!  Not a fir either, but a ficus.  Best lamp I’ve been offered in years!


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