Followed home

Across the years, I’ve received literally a tonne of packages, often delivered by the same workers for one of a variety of courier companies:  Vince, the UPS guy assigned to the route of the last California library in which I worked, Steve, assigned to the postal route on which I lived 40 years ago.  But in all these years, I’ve never heard of such a delivery person checking out the two and two s/he had put togeher, until yesterday.

These days, about half the review books I receive are delivered to me at my office and the other half to my house.  Or well, maybe that is a third here, a third there, and a third to the post office box I maintain near my home address.  In any event, a FedEx courier rang the bell at home yesterday and Bob answered, signed and took the packet. The delivery lady wasn’t done yet:

“So, is this for the same Francisca who works at the library?”

Since home and library are hardly on the same delivery routes, it leaves me wondering how much privacy is left in our lives. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that I’m the only person with that given name in the Municipality, but still….

The ferry terminals and ferries themselves have all sprouted new signs in the past 10 days. We are “reassured” that we are now being recorded both visually and auditorially for our “safety.”


2 Responses to “Followed home”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Saw the signs at the ferry, too. With my other half being the security freak that he is, I wonder if feel the need to wearing a hood or hat pulled tight while ferry-ing…

  2. Al Says:

    Personally, I always wondered how being asked for my ID only when I have a ten ride ticket on Amtrak was for my safety. When I challenged the conductor, I was handled a pamphlet, which assured me, without adding detail, that it was for my safety.

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