Wind, wine and Wednesday

We are settling into the first real snowstorm of the season, the kind where the wind blows snow but somehow, between the pressing blasts, it’s not as frigid as when the air is dry.  Bob and I were eating at the Cellar when the snow began to get blown with urgency.  the walk home took twice as long as usual–it’s only about two long blocks–but the underfoot was squeaky and, as long as you didn’t get too bold, easy for staying upright.

One thing I really appreciate about snow squalls at midweek is that it is somehow easier to get folks interested in finishing out the workweek than it is when the snow flies–as it did so frequently last year, on a Sunday or Monday. And I do have a vested interest, as I’m the night watchman who gets to call things to a halt if it gets out of control before seven in the morning. Not a job I ever considered, but it came with the rest of my duties-as-assigned here.

So, tomorrow, I’ll rise hoping the wind has settled. At least in HRM.  I hear it snowed in Berkeley yesterday.  Not my watch.  Not my problem.


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