Winter again

Sunday’s downgraded storm blew out before noon but overnight we got another light dusting of truly white snow. The weather stayed cold enough yesterday that the dusting remained in places that retained shade throughout the day, and still looked white by streetlight as I walked home.

The branches of the elm tree right outside my study window are no longer bare, but now laced with frozen snowflakes, not heaped, no danger of breaking even the smallest twigs.

Pedestrians have changed their outer layers from nylon and corduroy to wool and and puffy. I still wear my corduroy “between season” jacket, just piling layers underneath it.  Some invisible hand stays me from hauling out my duffle coat, although I’ve willingly put on boots when the ground is slushy.

Winter, in my mind, isn’t a dead zone, but a long nap, sometimes needed and sometimes simply making the world logy with too much rest and not enough action. On  a personal level, I think this one will be long–but at least, so far, it isn’t an inundation in need of managing.


One Response to “Winter again”

  1. Yvette Says:

    We had snow too, but a wee bit — way up in the hills.

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