Happy something-days

In a last ditch–but ultimately successful–effort, we breeched Thornbloom‘s this evening.  It’s a mild night, weatherwise, with only 3 more Fridays to The Day and the crowds were horrendous.  The geegaws on sale are horrendouser: Bob was particularly terrified of the blown glass french fy “cup” while the bejeweled pig made my skin crawl.

The shoppers around us all seemed thrilled to death, so our reluctance won’t dent the local economy. But who exactly is snapping up all those black glass balls and glitter-glazed penguins?

The advancement of microtechnology seems to have allowed tree ornaments to become even stranger than the pickle I saw years ago when “creative creations” were limited to molds. Beyond potatoes and swine, tonight there were pastry trays under glass–and literally hanging by a thread–and lip balms made to resemble miniature bonbons. Who thinks of this stuff?

So what were we after with such desperation that we entered this realm of fantasmagorical? Penguins (minus glitter). Mission accomplished.  But not without a sidecar of cultural edification.


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