Down by the waterside and elsewhere

There were so many sights to see on my morning walk this bright blue Sunday that I almost didn’t regret leaving my camera at home–some of them defied the lens.

Yesterday, when passing along Lower Water Street, near the butt end of Sackville Street, I noticed huge masts well above Murphy’s on Cable Wharf.  Heading that way this morning, I first had to wait while a very large contingent of Norwegian sailors in full dress gathered to honour the fallen at the Norwegian Sailors Memorial, just south of the Maritime Museum.  The official photographer, a woman in skirted uniform, then popped the small Norwegian flag she carried onto the handlebars of her bright white bike and pedaled off, while the rest of the crew marched to street and headed north on Lower Water…all but the three pretty wags who ran up the tongue wave by the tourist map booth and posed for a buddy’s picture taking.

Down at Cable wharf, the tall ship proved to be enormous as well as tall, white and crisply gilt-decorated at bow and stern. There are free tours of it this afternoon, but I shall be virtuously working then.

Heading back downtown, I passed the Basilica just as the Archbishop, in full gold mitre and lugging crozier, stepped into the sunshine.  A couple blocks west, a very strangely mixed “religious” exercise was underway on view through the glass front of the Lululemon store: 25 lithe women kneeling east as though toward Mecca but in fact pursuing a yoga regime.

And just then Ellen Page walked by…reminding me that, after all, this is Halifax.


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