Oh the injured

It seems that the South Park Street construction/destruction project has been going on for so long and with such intensity that even the heavy duty equipment is beginning to feel the stress. For five months now, the street has been lined with diggers, dozers, tractors and trucks of all dimension–with a distinct slant toward the gargantuan. Komatsu seems to make stuff that only the gods may have dreamed as small boys.

And they appear to provide sporty little–as in tiny–repair vans to speed to the site of malfunctioning equipment. To wit, the giant sized excavator that seems to have developed a “sore” bucket arm.  Like so many vets at the zoo, they are parked near this poor creature, “practicing” its elbow bend repeatedly.  That this is happening at the verge of the VG Hospital makes it all the more apropos and pathetic.

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the generator used to keep the sludge moving through the sewers even while they are being replaced huffs and puffs all night in front of our house.  This patient seems to be a bit less healthy than his big yellow orthopedic buddy.  Called a “WhispaWatt” the generator does for whispering what the average two-year-old might: confuse that pitch with a dull roar.

In short, the street’s now become some external ward of the VG itself.


2 Responses to “Oh the injured”

  1. carole leita Says:

    your writing rocks! thank you so much for keeping us up on the great-halifax-on-going-(never-ending?)-street-sewer-destruction-construction project in front of your home. how long has it been now? is it getting guinness-record worthy?

  2. halifaxing Says:

    It’s been a “mere” 24 weeks….if Guiness lists a longer one, it would be poor Fenwick Street, a block from here, where work has been underway (?) for 16 months.

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