National icons of all sorts

Coming home from work tonight I found myself swamped by pedestrian traffic intent on seeing Sidney Crosby brandishing the Olympic torch on its trip through Nova Scotia and on out to Vancouver for 2010.  By chance, I got to see the torch in progress too, although the person walking it was–I don’t know.

A good 15 hours earlier, I had had a laugh-out-loud dream in which a guy named Timmy Horton met up with a young lady named Betty Crocker.  Really.  Of course, it set my mind off gathering wool about how these two “national treasures” differ and how they share similarities:

One wants you to eat, or rely on comestibles gathered, away from home while the other wants you to imitate homemade. Both encourage a continental sweet tooth.  Neither seems to “really” exist while both ahve been around “a long long time.”

The unconscious mond is trumped only by pop culture…..

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