Signs of the flu

That is, there are signs posted everywhere: large foamcore mounted, full colour ones reminding all of the symptoms of H1N1, illustrating how to cough/sneeze into one’s elbow, and reciting “get a flu vaccine.”  The last note has become an impossibility in Nova Scotia unless you are under the age of 59 months, pregnant or happened to have made an appointment for one precisely last Monday with your family doctor.

One mother of an infant with whom I spoke this morning described waiting for six hours for her daughter’s dose yesterday.  Bob, on the other hand, who had only casually made an appointment on the magic day, clocked himself spending 25 minutes from leaving home to returning to it vaccinated. And yes, he feels guilty.

I’m hoping that the signs get switched out frequently enough that folks continue to attend to their messages.  The whole elbow coverage thing is firmly entrenched among 18-year-olds on the West Coast but older folks lacked the benefit of such a public health education during their formative years. I imagine there’s a divide along the lines of what hand washing introduced 125 years ago.

Given the fact that I don’t fall into any of Nova Scotia’s protected categories, I’ve decided Christian Science may be the way to muster through this.  Plus, hand washing.


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