Rites of autumn

Years ago, we lived smack in the middle of what turned out to be THE neighbourhood for van loads of trick or treaters to be dropped.  They piled up to the doors on the street like locusts in their seventh year:  “tramps” and princesses and baseball players and baby mice.  We’d go through piles of candy and would have stocked piles but would always find we had to get close fisted toward the end of the evening just to eke out some for everyone.

We moved from there to a busy street toward the trick and treat parade ended.  Here the street would be busy if there were a street and last year, when there was, it was, and there were no trick and treaters.  This year however, we are being visited by a parade that, to my mind, is wholly Canadian in disposition: the nonperishable food collectors.  Every feasting holiday brings them out: well fed folks collecting goods for the local food pantry (here, Feed Nova Scotia).

Football, that other autumnal activity, doesn’t have the profile it does in the US.  in fact, the very local (two blocks west) St Mary’s Huskies are playing 12 games this season–including repeats with virtually every team they play once. (Dalhousie doesn’t have a football team).  Poor Bob has to feed his collegiate football jones by way of the internet and cope with the variations in time zones.

Moving beyond such social whirls as Halloween and kickoffs, there’s that construct that autumn also brings on both sides of the border: the reversion to “standard” time.  This year, we are running “daylight savings” later than ever, apparently jsut for the Saturday night trick and treaters, although our food for the hungry collectors come in the afternoon.

And there’s the wholly natural rite, the gorgeous one: the turning leaves:




3 Responses to “Rites of autumn”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Happy Halloween! No trick or treaters out here in the country, but lots of cuties at the library this morning for pumpkin stories and (because I was doing it) a very simple pumpkin craft.

  2. Marg Says:

    Well I am from X so football is important. I can’t believe Dal has dropped it!

  3. halifaxing Says:

    I am amazed that the AUS has more volleyball teams than football teams….

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