Mysteries continue on the street

At 5:15 this morning, the street crew began arriving, revving machinery engines so that the fuel truck, rumbling up across the gravel, could refill tanks.  The “work day” isn’t supposed to begin, by bylaw, until 7 am, but this apparently doesn’t count as “work”.  There’s no blasting involved and the the dump trucks don’t arrive, honking and hooting their backup signals (and yes, I believe these auditory backup warnings are good and right), until way past 6 am.

Although there’s now a clear patch from the corner of South Street down three houselots, which has it reaching past our house, the digging has continued to the south of that “safe zone” and has commenced with new vigor north of South Street’s intersection, at a point no work plan map we ever saw showed it going.

The dishwasher that appeared upside down in the street, about a month ago, has remained both untouched and solitary.  Its nearest neighbour, within the construction fence as it is, appears to be just as singular of type:  one bale of hay, the only one to appear on the work site even unto the Fenwick leg of the whole.

Meanwhile, the elm trees have turned golden in autumn and other trees are becoming close to bare.  The Provincial government has declared that no road construction vehicles may be doing road construction of a “summer” type after November 1; at that point they must be converted to identities as snow removal equipment, in order to react against last November’s Cobequid Pass debacle.

That remains the biggest mystery to me: how all these holes, pits and unpaved areas can possibly be healed within the next four days.  Unlikely, my dear Watson.


One Response to “Mysteries continue on the street”

  1. flotsam Says:

    As far as I know, the edict from the provincial government only applies to any crews that are either run by or contracted by the province to do winter snow removal, salting, etc. Any crews not involved in winter work can do construction (well?) past Nov 1st (which also clears the way for the much-loved Fairview overpass project)

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