Just add cabling and get rid of a pedestrian zone

My journey the whole two blocks to the pharmacy and back turned out to be studded with construction obstacles such as I hadn’t yet seen. Fenwick is now a pit at the South Park End and unpaved gravel over which equipment spins and growls–along with pedestrians trying to get in and out of the medical arts building because the sidewalk there is either closed (at the side) or parked upon by construction workers’ trucks (at the front).  Nice.  Works really well with wheelchairs.

I managed to climb, skate and otherwise dodge pipes, vehicles and sliding slag until I got almost to my front door–which was locked by two guys in hard hats hauling very heavy cable along the walk.  They piled it in the parking lot driveway on one side of the house and announced cheerfully that they hope no one tries to access the parking lot until they return tomorrow.  Then they repositioned cones curbside–along the 25 feet of open curb–to designate that as a no parking zone, got in their trucks and drove off for the night.



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