Flu south

H1N1 seems to have a different profile and reception here than back in Canada, and different, too, from what it was when I was last in the Midwest just two weeks ago. O’Hare Airport has sprouted Purell dispensers on virtually every open wall space (including, curiously, several outside every Men’s Wash Room in Terminal 2).  Folks who didn’t make it to the ALA Exec meeting due to having contracted the flu all seem to be way sicker than what I’ve heard so far back in Halifax–hospitalized, long recovery processes, etc.

Yesterday’s BBC news noted that the President has declared a state of emergency and today’s headlines (again in the O’Hare boxes so not pursued further by me, at least yet) all scream in going-to-war font that vaccine supplies are low.

Meanwhile flu shots, which were happening for $15 a pop here at O’Hare at the beginning of October, are now $35.

Back in Nova Scotia, as I was booeying out the door, the protocol for vaccination was just undergoing a quick change from “wait until January” to “next week”. I am guessing it will change two or three more times before anything actually enters the distribution stream.

In the meantime, anyone with a cough or sneeze, on either side of the border, is treated either as a 15th century leper or as though they were merely breathing–depending on the audience, not the patient.


One Response to “Flu south”

  1. Al Says:

    As one of the infected, I have been trying my darndest to keep my germs to myself. I did go to work though, leaving my office only when fully Purell’ed, and only to visit the restroom. On one such foray in the restroom, I passed a friend of mine who has a baby, and warned her away from me for the next few days. I completed my business, and as I was washing my hands, another co-worker, who’d been standing in the bathroom conversing with another woman the entire time I was in there, berated me for coming to work. Who’d have thought that a woman who spends her time hanging out in the bathroom would be so germophobic?

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