Keeping the library in perspective, here and now

Yesterday’s announcement by a powerhouse team of Federal, Provincial and Municipal politicians that funding for the 22-year-anticipated central library for Halifax included an on-site press conference and news reports on radio and television. A day later, the CBC site carries the full story, along with about 20 comments by readers of the site, which have accumulated across the past 30 hours.

Meanwhile, a story on H1N1 facts and myths, published today, has garnered three tiems that many comments already.

Does this mean that folks have become jaded about the central library while continuing to be obsessed by their chances of contracting flu? Does it mean that publishing a list of myths is more inviting of response than a press release and report of a well planned and executed government announcement?

Whatever else it means, it is a reminder that infrastructure–even the fabled and lauded halls of a public library–isn’t as demanding of immediate civic engagement as we library folk would continue to wish. But perspective is good for us and helps stave off hubris.  We need to build a library that does engage–and we need to keep our hands washed in order to stay healthy.


One Response to “Keeping the library in perspective, here and now”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    Yes, do keep washing your hands. Al just called me with the news that she has been down with H1N1 for the past two days. She only had energy to talk for about 5 minutes. For her, that’s really sick!
    Congrats on the new library!

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