The times they are a-changin’ but only kinda sorta

Having begun yesterday morning’s walk accompanied by The Killers and the Wombats, I decided to step further back in the music library this am and go out with Surrealistic Pillow, Jefferson Airplane’s first album. I hadn’t listened to any part of it in about 10 years and hadn’t heard it all, beginning to end, in a lot longer than that.

Approaching my front doorstep again, as it all drew to a close, I was caught up by a young woman with long straight hair streaming out from under a very funky knit hat.  She was in need of a pen with which to write a note to put–sigh–on the VW microbus parked across the street (beyond the construction zone). She had on a long flowing skirt, ancient sneakers, no makeup. And of course she wished me a “beautiful day” as she returned the pen.

And I opened my front door with a key attached to a tie-dye shred of keyring.


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