October in the country

A drive across the province to the North Mountain side of the Annapolis Valley yielded a treasure trove of wonderful sights: geographic, historic, funny and serious.  Here’s the valley–and the Bay of Fundy–from the highest point of the trip:


One surprise was that, although the Evangeline museum at Grand Pre is closed for the season, we were invited in by an administrator who thought she was going to get some post-season office work done today but instead decided to let in late visitors:


That was the second museum visit of the day; the first was even more of a surprise–a coffee museum dedicated to an explanation of fair trade and the history of cooperative business. It had, without a doubt, the most astonishingly fine exhibits I’ve ever seen in a museum that had less funding than the Cloisters!


And then, there were Kentville’s pumpkin people and the produce at Herrigan’s farm market:



2 Responses to “October in the country”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Hennigars….. 😉

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Who proofs these things? Cheeze, the writer needs to slow down already and get the facts straight….

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