Eat like the natives

Today I had an unusual taste sensation.  It was called–although it was not–a burrito.  Burritos are hot, soft, often but not always spicy.  Here in Halifax they have something called “smashed beans” (not refried) as well as black beans. Clearly, it was a weak, homesick moment on my part that I dared to try a Haligonian burrito–which is a bit like trying Nigerian whale blubber.

The main ingredient was lettuce.  Did I mention that it was cold?  It was made fresh, in front of me (think Gordo’s–no, don’t bother) and the temperature seemed to be intentional.  Maybe that’s how the skateboarders like ’em here (They were the only other custom in the shop).  It was all rather…odd.  Not really bad, but definitely odd.

It did make me long–for about four seconds–for the chile relleno burritos at the Romani place on Hollywood Boulevard near Kingsley Place–back in the day:  hot, spicy, soft. Oddly, today’s cost the same amount–in spite of 30 years and a different currency.  Which might be the best thing to be said for today’s:  at $5.60 CAD it was way cheap.

Hm.  Maybe it was all a subtle hint that I shoulda ordered something with maple syrup?  Bacon?  Both?


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