News is actually neutral

the good news is that I found the winter blanket while hunting down the water bottle.  The less good news is that I was on the hunt for the water bottle because the temp has been hovering around zero (celsius) outside and the lack of oil delivery across the months of street work has resulted in a grievously empty tank.  The distinctly bad news is that the explosions are coming thick and fast today as the intersection of Fenwick and South Park is mined.  And there appears to be a pickup truck in the hole right by the explosives that are laid.  And guys on their cell phones standing up close (They are cell phones, aren’t they?!)

And then there’s the sad new sighting of a new hole, being dug by hand, right where we had new underpaving by our door.

But, hey, it could always be worse.  Warmer, quieter, but worse.


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