Grossing out the grownups

A lot of my friends are librarians who work, and have worked, with teenagers across years.  This lot is almost impermeable when it comes to getting them grossed out.  They are also real librarians, which is to say they communicate through every medium available (and some that I don’t know about), enjoy their liquor and never saw a curiosity about which they couldn’t or wouldn’t perform research.

And then there is my resident 19-year-old (that is, he’s a legal resident of one country and citizen in two others, which, I think, makes him triply residential?), whose Twitter friends include not only Man United and Eddie Izzard, but also a handful of…librarians (go figure). This is the same person who, as a 4th grader, rescued a bunch of classmates who were being harassed by other classmates with images from (remember that gross out for the unsophisticated early web searcher?) and then proceeded to give the entire class a stentorian lecture on domain names and the sanctity of the Librarians Index to the Internet.

Yesterday he managed to work his way across virtually all the implicated interests (except, I think, football) by posting his–to him–happy discovery (picture included) of something called a Toblerone cocktail (Please keep in mind that he is legal drinking age where he was drinking). This sent several of my own tweeting-librarian friends, and me, rushing to our favourite bartending websites and then sent up a collective “eehhwww.”

Yes, chocolate’s good–and Toblerone rates relatively well on the basic chocolate scale. No one was opposed to having a cocktail at the end of a long hard day of uni classes.  But gross: combining these things in a glass and pouring the mess together with cream and milk (I think that’s what did it for me, personally)?!

So, teen mission accomplished: the grownups were grossed out (And that last sentence is less than half 140 characters).


3 Responses to “Grossing out the grownups”

  1. Envision Halifax Says:

    As a librarian, I support this message. 🙂

    Talk to me though if you want help finding adult things to gross your teenager out. I daresay that having a librarian in your life can help with these gross-out moments. 🙂

  2. Jackie Says:

    The very worst drink ever invented (and memorialized in a Michael Connelly book) is the Irish Car Bomb. I dare you to look it up.

  3. Al Says:

    Huh, and I thought, ooohhh, yum. Course, I don’t drink that much, so you lot may be right.

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