Happy holidays?

The approaching weekend is a three-dayer on both sides of the border:  Here it’ll be Thanksgiving and most of there it’ll be Columbus Day (Indigenous People’s Day in Berkeley). I’ve gotten to be pretty agile at wishing folks a happy Thanksgiving across this week….

But I wasn’t prepared for a cabbie I had this morning:

“Is Thanksgiving this coming Monday?” he asked me (ex-reference-librarian-always-a-reference-librarian).

“Yes, it is.”

“You know they do it different in the States.”


“And this really threw me!  My son, he works in New York, and he told me they don’t get Good Friday!  Imagine that!  The most sacred day of the year and they don’t get it as a holiday!”

Though tempted to ask if his New York working son got off for the High Holy Days, I murmured noncommittally instead. That both countries say they uphold religious freedom isn’t the same as their residents tending toward inclusiveness.


One Response to “Happy holidays?”

  1. jackie Says:

    His son should live in Boston – where Good Friday is a holiday. I always remember one good Friday in Newton – March 28 or 30th I think in 1956 when a fire started on the first floor of our three story house and I awoke thinking our neighbor was burning leaves (allowed in those ancient times but still unusual at 2:00 am.) Everyone survived thanks to my dad who rescued the unconscious man downstairs who had been doing the laundry.

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