Today’s immigration experience

I’ve just done that strange passage from one political state to another via the literal line in the carpet.  Today I had someone other as a US customs agent than Curtis. Older, rail thin and with blond air and a decidedly English given name (England English), he spoke with a light German accent.  Hm.

This trip is a business one and I had so designated on my customs and immigration form (which also requires one to note country of residence). He noted, eying me over his half glasses, that I am indeed qualified to work in the US as I seem to hold US citizenship. Seem to? He inquired as to my line of business and when I said librarian, he smiled with his big blue eyes as although not his mouth: “Ah, libraries are indeed magical places.”

He gathered up all the papers he’d asked me to produce at that point and dismissed me: “Welcome back to the US, temporarily.”


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