Street work day and night, but results….eh

When I got back to my street last evening, dusk had turned to dark–but the area in front of my house seemed to be throwing off huge showers of sparks. By the time I could see what was going on, I no longer had to imagine because big flood lights had been flicked on to show that welding was in progress on one of the yellow steel monsters that seems to have moved into the area where once traffic flowed.

Welding is a quiet, although bright, activity, and so I didn’t notice what time they quit.

But this morning, I could hear the gears grinding up curbside–inside the public excluding fence–well before the magic okay-to-perform-public-street-work hour of 7 am.  Here’s what was arriving:


So, my expectations were high upon returning to the street this afternoon.  Would there be that paving stuff that other streets have?  But no, just men walking, men staring, machines parked, engines running. It all appears to have left the unfinished roadway undisturbed by change.


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