Bubbler mythos

Years ago I worked in a then-50-year-old building with a water fountain (bubbler, drinking fountain) in need of replacement.  And replaced it was, although the project took an entire (hot, thirsty) summer and seemed to require that every journeyman level plumber work on the job in order to qualify for licensure. It was a well used appliance, a fact made more obvious by its regular unavailability that season.

Here, on the other hand,water fountains–newly required in public places–seem to be scorned.  Otherwise intelligent, rational people seem to want to go to the mat exchanging urban legends about the disgusting nature of the beast and many my age claim never to have drunk a drop from one–as I suppose they’ve never used a latrine (although they may be dedicated campers) which is far more off-putting in my book (and yes, I’ve even cleaned and diug the latter).

There are places in the US where toilet seat covers, in public restrooms, are de rigeuer, but I’ve never met so many folks who won’t drink from a spout that, correctly operating, shoots its charge high and far from any “common source.”

I am old fashioned, American, thirsty. Give me a public (operable) drinking fountain any day over this hyper fastidiousness…..


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