September weather always raises my eyebrows

So, in Halifax today, it was 18 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees–only two degrees–warmer than it is in Wisconsin, where I am headed on Thursday.  And, at this hour, at least, it’s the same temp here as in Berkeley, california, which had a horrendous heat wave over the weekend. It’s almost enough to confuse me.

But not so fast:  here the mild temp is accompanied by a monsoon, while it’s sunny in Janesville and Berkeley appears to be its happily normal slightly overcast self. Behind Door #1 we have autumn; behind Door #2 we have autumn; and behind Door #3 we have the land of almost sempeternal springtime.

I remember Septembers in which it snowed (once, cruelly, on the first day of the new school year) and others that were so hot (can we say Los Angeles?) that any thought of summer ever passing was burned to cinders. If it’s September, the weather must be insistent, whatever else it is and wherever one is.


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