Take one giant step?

When I was a kid, we played an outdoor version of “Simon Says” in which “Simon” was replaced by a”mother” who both invited and granted permission to advance across a long field.  S/he might call out to one or another of the assembled “children” to take a baby step or threes giant step or a scissors step or even two backward steps.  Before obeying the command, the addressed had to be sure to ask, “Mother, may I?” and the “mother” would respond “Yes, you may, ” or even, recalcitrantly, “No, you may not.”  If one stepped before asking permission, one had to return to the start line.

This game came to mind today with the mail:  first there arrived a letter to Bob announcing that he is fit to be a residency sponsor.  The next piece was a letter to me saying that I have almost cleared the processes in place to allow me to be a resident of Canada.  Almost.  If I ask, “Immigration, may I?” and do that in the right venue in response to a phone call.

So, we still wait, but, at least, there is some movement in the game.


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