Chinese food at last at last

Although Japanese food is good and plentiful in HFX, there is a strange shortage of Chinese. So, an invitation to go down to old City Hall (Chambers Street) and walk back uptown via Chinatown and lunch was  a warmly received one by me.  Yesterday’s weather was just as brilliantly blue and walking-comfortable of temp as the previous two days here.

IMG_2674Little Italy’s streets were crammed with San Genaro festival goers but Mott Street was slightly less overflowing and we could find what looked like a suitable restaurant: big and with lots of Asian parties coming and going.

The Grand Harmony Restaurant lives up to its former appellation of the Crystal Palace by way of the chandeliers in a huge expanse of tables for between four and ten.  It was dim sum time, being Saturday midday and we were seated at once.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And every single cart bypassed us.

After 20 minutes, Michael hailed a waiter who agreed to bring us a bowl of noodles but not two.  And then a cart carrying broccoli rabe did stop and the waitress lifted a plate of it toward us–and then walked away.  The noodles had yet to arrive.  We drank tea.  We stared at other diners, all well served and plump and stuffing themselves.

The waitress returned with a double portion of broccoli. We descended on it.  Then the bowl of noodles arrived–enough for 11 or 12 of the two of us.  Okay, we got Chinese food at last.  Patience, as Michael used to quote often, is indeed a virtue.


One Response to “Chinese food at last at last”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Reminder me to take you to the Great Wall sometime – guaranteed best Chinese in Halifax!

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