Pictures CAN connect stories

Sometimes a picture, shown to the right person, takes off into a story of unimagined proportions.  With three meetings scheduled in the Flatiron Building (5th Avenue at 23rd Street) for Friday afternoon, I set off at midmorning to walk two thirds of the length and half the breadth of Manhattan, camera at the ready.  And oh what a lot to see and carry off to share by way of illustration instead of word!

My first stop at the Macmillan offices was with Talia, who has a literal attic office.  We had missed seeing each other across a year and a half and chattered back and forth so much that the hands on the metaphoric clock did a cartoon twirl.  She asked to look through the pictures I’d taken in the morning and commented in ways that made me glad I’d let her flip through them.

And then we came to the stunner:

Broadway at W88th

Broadway at W88th

Now, for me, this was a picture of something the likes of which was once pervasive  on the streets of every town and that I hadn’t seen in years.  And the rides are posted as a mere 50 cents a gallop! Talia, however, gave a whoop and picked up her phone:

“Abba, do you still have that yellow horse in front of the store?”

And yes, somehow, I had managed to grab an image that, while for me was remembered pervasiveness was for Talia a specific landmark in front of her father’s variety store.

Thus connecting the story of my walk with a story of her father…oh the possibilities a picture provides.


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