My guy Curtis

Flying to the US from YHZ begins with preclearance by Homeland Seurity.  The carpet in the security area is woven so that a cream coloured line tracks straight across the otherwise blue/grey/green pencil stripes: the international border.  There are booths for about 10 or 12 customs/immigration agents on its far side, and usually half the booths are occupied by agents and the number of folk with whom I am crossing numbers half that.  IMG_2539

But this is cruise season and lots of folks seem to be flying back to the US from here after disembarking at Pier 21, so today I am behind a couple from the Philippines–carrying a well-packaged lobster–and an airline attendant who is carrying her amazingly high patent leather heels; behind me are three women headed to Enfield, NJ, and out of their minds excited about that fact.  And there are only two agents on duty.

I stand in line and notice that the drill seems to have been changed: folks are being photographed and thumbprinted, interviewed at length, and even turned back (with the lobster).  It’s my turn and I am waved over to the booth on the west end…

…and yes, it’s my guy Curtis!  The last half dozen times I’ve crossed to the US from YHZ, he’s been the agent I’ve drawn.  The guy must be a reader because he is always enthusiastic about books, libraries, library conferences. He does the interview and asks me tricky questions but they are all easy and show he’s got all his mental ducks nicely lined up: what have I read lately?

It’s like being seen off at the gate, like the old days, to have this be my last conversation in the airport.  Bye, Curtis; see you next month!

IMG_2538 IMG_2537


One Response to “My guy Curtis”

  1. Flotsam Says:

    You know you travel a lot when…. enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

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