Flashbacks in the harbour

With the main tourist season winding down-although the cruise ships are coming in great numbers (two, three, four a day!)–some of the harbour attractions are getting erratic in their scheduling.  The Crazy Moose has already closed up shop (before Labour Day).  The last few days, Theodore Too has been tooling around the harbour at odd hours and coming to light in unexpected places.

Yesterday morning, at seven, he was skimming about near the Northwest Arm, making the scene look like a giant cartoon.  This evening, as I ferried back from Dartmouth, he was tied up at George’s Island, next to a dive boat from the wrecking yard on Dartmouth’s waterfront.

To add even more oddity to that sighting, I happened to be listening to an old Mamas and Papas song at the moment, or rather, an old Martha and the Vandellas’ song reinterpreted by Cass, John Phillips, et alia: Dancing in the Street. In this version, the fellow who would later become Theodore’s television show captain is riffing on city names and includes Halifax, of course.  It makes sense locally if not globally.


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