Tank trucks

Given the lack of access to buildings along our street, we haven’t received a heating fuel delivery in months–fine, since it’s summer and we use it only for hot water.  Imagine my excitement, however, when I saw that the enclosure around the pit had been reconfigured to include a tank truck right by my house!  Only as I got closer, I saw that it was a water truck, not an oil one.

One is rather loathe to see a water truck parked at one’s house in this situation.  What exactly does it mean?  That the plastic hose between the blue pipe and us has gone dry?  That the hydrant left spouting a couple eekends ago, all weekend, has tipped the scale on neighbourhood access?

There’s another kind of tank truck that plies the neighbourhood regularly as well:  the Dover flour double tanker.  It’s of stunning proportion and, knowing the combustibility of flour, a bit unnerving to see it go lurching top speed as the light on University goes from amber to red.

And what of a collision between the water tank truck and the flour tanker?  Would it make so much slime-not-playdough that it would be a horror flick?

Oh the possibilities.


2 Responses to “Tank trucks”

  1. Marg Says:

    There’s a fairly new restaurant in SF called Flour and Water but that’s all about bread and pasta.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    bread….*sigh*…I remember that good stuff

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