A hole is to dig*

*with apologies to Ruth Kraus and Maurice Sendak


The workers were looking disconsolate when I came home today, staring into the deep hole they’ve managed to carve where once there was an intersection.  Although chained beams and tops of concrete culverts are still partially in view, the fact is that it appears that the hole is decreasing in size, or at least depth.  Perhaps this saddens them, that digging time is nearly over?

No, that would be wishful thinking of the most extreme on my part….


South at South Park 7 am

South at South Park 7 am


One Response to “A hole is to dig*”

  1. Marg Says:

    Jeez – this seems like the longest construction project ever – I thought things could not be slower than here in the Bay Area. Let’s hope they get it wrapped up before November weather hits!

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