Another bend in the universe approaches

After complaining about a thorough-going winter, a nonexistent spring, a month of unceasing rain and then another of searing heat, the locals seem now to be happy that “fall is really on the way” because the heat has given over to what, in the East Bay, would be a normal summer day: fog, a bit of sun, some breeze. I am glad that fall is something that is acceptable to appreciate; there was a time when it was my favourite season (now each in turn, and the turns themselves, are favourite).

This particular seasonal change also brings the son to roost briefly in Nova Scotia before shaking the dust of North America from his alrgely-California feet and jetting off to the old country and the young fellow students. He heralded in today with a sad note that it is now his “last 24 hours in California.”  Well, yes–until next time.  The universe won’t stop bending.


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