Slip sliding yuck

Bill seems to have flushed up all the vile stuff in the harbour, making it the most odiferously foul water I’ve smelled since the Cuyahoga River in the mid-60’s.  And the Cuyahoga was polluted with inorganics in the main, while the sewage in the harbour is definitely on the was-once-alive side.

In a sympathy statement, the pit in front of my house seems to ahve been left in a precarious position this evening:  its sides are slipping down so visibly that just walking by one catches the slumping of brown and red and black dirt and can hear the rocks fall and plunk into the depths.  A caterpillar tractor has been left askew atop the hole, too, and I have visions of it sliding slowly, through the night, below the surface as well.

Or was a similar “industrial accident” what called out the big machines this morning at 5:45, when they began scraping and mewling on my doorstep?

Dirt and grime and putrifaction…oh my.


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