Hello, Bill

Between the time I decided to take a last relatively dry walk for the weekend and the moment I stepped outside–about 13 seconds had elapsed–the trailer for the coming storm had arrived: curtains of warm rain, gusts that swirled every elm tree branch between here and Spring Garden Road and Summer Street. After a quick cup of coffee–somebody had to make the poor wait staff’s day by showing up for their troubles of opening–it was back through what was then just a storm.  

An hour later, I can see only the undersides of the leaves beyond my window as the wind has them held up, with only the occasional bounce down to the more typical eye-level view. Environment Canada bumps out little updates to assure me that they are watching the state of affairs, which have gone from relatively dire predictions to warnings that one shouldn’t play Iron Man.  Apparently the storm’s eye is now turning, a function of moving tropical to subtropical, so Cape Breton and southwestern Newfoundland will take the brunt.

So, as long as the poor street trees, stressed by the summer’s excavation, can maintain, we should be fine: got power (as well as batteries and candles on hand); got water (free! through our work around for the street project, plus packaged just in case the hose gets collapsed in the storm); got books…and, for the moment, even have communications all up and running.  A veritable holiday of a hurricane.


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