Disaster prep

For years, we lived with a well stocked “water cellar” as well as a cupboard of canned tuna and mandarin oranges (different cans!) against the 72 hours of isolation a major earthquake (which we might survive) could enforce. When we moved northeast, Bob abandoned the water containers to the new owners of the old house.  When I passed the house last week, I noticed that they have at least removed the wrench which householders had also been warned to keep taped near their gas shut-off. The new owners are young and I doubt they cleaned up after Loma Prieta.

Today’s local weather forecast includes a vague warning about whether Hurricane Bill will make landfall here come Sunday night or Monday.  The warning comes with the 72 hours of water and isolation prep. Haven’t seen any “hurricane stores” here as there is a Bob-approved earthquake prep store in the East Bay. So gathering supplies may be more free-form.

Years ago, one April, the weather in Boston had turned viciously hot–as it is here and now–only to move overnight into a blizzard. The only prep I managed for that one was to have sufficient reading matter on hand, but the storm didn’t take out electricity or water, just the ability to go out and do beyond the apartment building.

So, got the books, will round up water. Need to check the unending canned tuna supply Bob imported last summer. Plenty of flashlight and lantern batteries on hand.  Coffee beans to chew if we get desperate for caffeine. 

Gotta have faith that all the machinery at our doorstep is too heavy to fly, no matter how hard the wind blows.


3 Responses to “Disaster prep”

  1. carole leita Says:

    Great read! disaster lurks everywhere. earthquakes (and fire) here, hurricanes where me brother lives in florida and blizzards and tornados where my sister lives in minnesota. always good to have spare water and food.

  2. Al Says:

    So, what is this mysterious east bay preparedness shop?

  3. halifaxing Says:

    It seems to have moved yet again, now to the North Bay: http://www.earthquakesupplycenter.com/

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