From boys with toys to men at work

The enormous pit at the intersection of South Park and South Streets is a beehive of measuring and precision this evening, with half a dozen men leaning precariously into a newly placed concrete culvert section large enough to house a small family.  The concrete piece, positioned on a flat side, like a giant ring, is set about eight feet below the street surface but everything has been so thoroughly dug away and bared and that it’s a bit like looking at a negative performance stage:  lowered beneath the passing audience of pedestrians rather than raised for appraisal of the performers.

All manner of chains and hooks and belts hold numerous pipes and bars steady and parallel to the ground, like an upside down climbing gym for urban kids.  One is wrapped in yellow plastic tape, generally used to scream “caution” or “police line do not cross” but this one announces “gas pipe below.”  There is no piping yet below because natural gas line installation is a part of the project yet to come.

Thre’s a jumble of surveying equipment at my doorstep and sections of fencing have been removed as the workers seem to be scrambling up and out of the hole and into the closed off street with abandon.  Here’s hoping they restore the fence before quitting time lest someone wander into the oblivion overnight….



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